This is so true….especially when changing your lifestyle. That split second decision you make – that choice….Do I stuff my face or keep plodding on? … THAT is what makes the difference. I think it’s important to remember that what makes me feel good in that moment in time may be detrimental both […]

The ‘TEST’

Have things finally changed for good? This week has seen many challenges that would have usually found me scurrying into a tube or 2 of Pringles but you know what? I resisted! I had my TOTM (ladies will understand, men can but try to work it out) and I really wanted to eat! I’m not […]

Vegetarian Schmegetarian!

So, i’ve become a vegetarian – well – pescetarian if you will (but it’s not for reasons of principle so I guess that’s OK?) . I’ve decided I need to become excited about food in a ‘different’ way. I’ve dieted on and off since about the age of about 11. My former years mostly spent […]

Eau de la rotund!

So here I am, a rather jolly, rotund fellow. The first picture of me was taken about 6 months ago at a friends birthday bash before I began my weight loss and fitness journey. The second was at a friends wedding in June just weeks before it all began. Infact I could say this was ‘THE’ […]