Posting but not posting…

  The temptation when I feel like I do today is to hide from the world and not document my thoughts because they tend to be quite dark but I can’t help but feel them and I can’t help but feel alone – If I don’t tell anyone how I feel how can I expect […]

Weekends are hard – Days 25 and 26: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge

Feeling a little low today. I knew the brick wall would hit when I said I was feeling so good. Several things have put me in that mood – I left my classroom in a mess yesterday and can’t deal with that until Monday. It wont feel as though it is a fresh new week […]

Today I am ‘full’ – Days 23 & 24: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge.

Right now is the time I need to be careful – Don’t get me wrong – I feel AMAZING – almost euphoric about life and how everything is going – but I know I still have to make sure things stay in place for when I don’t feel so good – after all, everybody has […]

Days 20, 21 & 22: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge

OK. so I was given an Easter Egg because I just ‘can’t celebrate Easter without one & you don’t have to eat it all!!!’ HELLO!!! I’m not being ungrateful but it was never going to be a sharing occasion. It started well – I opened up my egg and ate a mini flake – then […]

Days 17, 18 & 19: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge

Ok…So you may have gathered that, from my lack of writing, things went a little pear shaped the other day! BUT I got back on it and onwards and upwards – my very good friend posted this on my facebook page this morning and I think it sums up how I need to feel after […]

Writing not Eating…..aaaargh!

I’m feeling like I’m going to eat and eat and eat but no matter how much I say “you’ll regret it” – I still want to do it. I know I should get myself out of the house etc….but that makes it worse…my brain gets so confused that it just goes around in circles but […]

Day 15 & 16: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge

I went out for a really posh dinner last night. We had a taster menu which meant eating 7 small courses over about 2 and a half hours! It was a really different way of eating and I realised that when faced with a small amount of food on the plate, I tended to spend […]

Day 14: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge

It’s officially official – I LOVE the sunshine! ūüôā Sunshine (and a gentle breeze) makes me feel really lovely and I spent today with one of my closest friends who I see far too little of. Today food was mostly at the back of my mind and this evening i’m off to exercise at ex-Rosemary […]