fat Fat FAT FAT! (shh! naughty word)

So….in order to get me 3 1/2 stone lighter I have been following the Slimming World program. Basically there are foods that are completely unlimited such as pasta, eggs, all lean meat, rice and grains etc….. Basically the premise is that it is designed to be a very low fat, low sugar diet. This has kick started me nicely.

I am very aware however that I am still eating a lot of processed foods and I want to feel what it feels like to ‘eat clean’ or as the saying goes. Also there is something ironic for me about a lot of people sitting in a room who have an addiction to food talking about nothing but food. By the time I come out i’m ready to find an unsuspecting human and ‘tear and share’ their arm!

I feel like attempting this is dangerous – as in coming off something that works for me in order to try something new. Lots of my friends and my family think that too but I must keep reminding myself that I am in control! I HAVE to trust myself.

It’s weird that so many of the diet clubs have trained me to believe that ‘fat’ is a nasty word. We don’t even use it in my classroom as a describing word! But I am realising that it’s OK to have fats – that’s going to take time to fully get into my brain.



So….today is the first day of a new me and a new way of eating…. I trust myself.

I leave you with 2 pictures – the first is me in January and second me in June…. I think I can see a little difference?


4 thoughts on “fat Fat FAT FAT! (shh! naughty word)

  1. Charlotte I think it’s brilliant what you have done so far (love that you are blogging too!) and on the way to achieving your 31/2 stone weight loss (amazing!)I think you have become far more aware of food, learnt more about what you put in your mouth (can I throw in the word mindful? I’m going to!)) and mindful of what you are eating. So the fact that you want to shake it up and try a new way of eating is great! I think it shows your relationship with food is changing which is exactly what you need! Go for it and keep blogging!


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