Gene Hate

I am constantly reading about how being obese could be in part down to our genes. I have always refuted that for 2 reasons!

The first is that I don’t want to be seen to be making excuses – I eat too much – I know I do – I need to sort it out.

The second is that to think that I am this way because of a biological reason scares the hell out of me. That would suggest that if it’s in my genetic make up there is little I can do to change it and this is my fate. I hate that.

However having just recently watched a Horizon documentary about it (, it seems a little clearer and holds some hope for being able to rectify it. The presenter (who is a geneticist also) said that people who found out they had the gene lost some of the shame around their weight and then found it easier to lose the weight – I understand that.

There is so much ‘shame’ around being fat. It is only now, at 35 tender years old that I can touch my skin – my fat and not feel physically sick… The shame is a great way to keep the weight on… and I have come to learn that once I can accept myself now- how I am.. then I can begin to work for something more.

Also he said that the exact gene that causes us to eat more also burns more calories when we exercise thus making exercise more purposeful for people with the gene!

I am not saying I have the gene at all and really I would prefer not to, all I want is to be a normal human being – to be able to live my life and allow myself to let love in….that basic human right….





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