The Elephant in the Room



Whoa! OK – this is an exposing one.

I want children. There I said it – Kind of out loud. I don’t feel ready or anywhere near old enough but my body clock is ticking. My body is a well maintained and guarded armour so the thought of letting someone close terrifies me. BUT I want children!

All around me (or so it seems) my friends have 1,2,3 children – some of whom are teenagers now and I don’t have that.

One of my friends really challenges the “fact” that I cannot be in a relationship while I’m overweight. I wonder if that’s the very reason I am overweight – these layers keep me safe. I don’t have to think about getting hurt.

I love beginning to feel my body get stronger but I can also feel the vulnerability and exposure that may bring.

I have to suck it up though! I’m 35!

NOW is the time to start living!!!!!


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