Personal Space…

I felt exposed today. personal space 3

I have been back on the takeaway wagon this past week and excusing it. My birth’day’ turned into a weekend turned into a week and now I feel as though I have put on some weight.

I haven’t done enough exercise and I think I have been taking for granted the way the exercise was making me feel.

I felt really bloated when I woke up but I got up and took myself into town. On days like these when I feel really big It’s almost like people know. People bump into me and don’t give me enough room to get by and I hate that. I hate that they have invaded my personal space on a day where I feel like crap and I hate that I hate them and then quickly turn that hate inwards. The truth is – town was busy and those people would have bumped into me anyway…. but my brain has a hard time thinking like that.

I couldn’t get away quick enough – bad mood for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow is it… I make the commitment to myself and my fitness. xxx

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