Gratitude Shmatitude


So a friend and I have just done an aqua aerobics session. It took an hour and was VERY funny! I have eaten ‘clean’ and done loads of exercise this week and I really am doing the Summer Holidays differently.

I have signed up for the Colour Run in September with a candid team of lovelies! So excited for it!! I AM going to give it my everything!

I know I have spoken about this before but we were talking in the car on the way home from Aqua about the crazy head mash that is weight loss. At my heaviest I felt so very miserable yet the only thing I could find comfort in was a takeaway. I think another 4 stone on and my life would be looking very different. On a day like today I feel the headrush of really good food (good as in wholesome natural and clean) and exercise and I feel like things will NEVER EVER go wrong.

Thinking that way however is unrealistic and I have come to learn that this will set me up for a fall. I need to know that I will have bad days where I just can’t seem to do it but I need to equip myself with the tools to turn it around. Have a bad day – get back on.

Those bad days I had just 1 or 2 weeks ago seem like worlds away now and yes my weight took a hit but every time I learn something new about myself.

This is a massive journey. This isn’t just about weight loss – this is about discovering a new me. A me that knows I am in control of my own outcomes. This is about shaping boundaries for myself and deciding what is and isn’t acceptable for the way I want to live my life without judging others for the way they live theirs. This is about saying “I really am OK” and understanding there will be people that just don’t like me or understand me and that is OK too – this doesn’t however make me a bad person. I have a history and have done things I am not proud of – but those things have shaped the person I am today – the person I am beginning to love.

I have so many inspirational people in my life at the moment. People who really believe in something and go for it no matter what. They have been put in my way for a reason at a time when I really did think I had nothing left. I am so grateful for that. I am grateful – there I said it and the world didn’t end… I AM GRATEFUL!




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