Hi there… I started this blog to document the ups and downs of my weightloss journey. I want to be able to read it back and really understand how I felt in times of treating myself both positively and negatively. I thought about posting this as I want to keep up the positive climb that […]

“I can’t wait to be me”

Being overweight used to kill me not only physically but mentally too. I used to think about not being able to wear the clothes I wanted and instead settle for clothes with a massive pattern in a feeble attempt to hide the wobble. Although the very first criteria for clothes is “Does it fit?” as […]

Accentuate the Positive….

There is great power in thinking positively…but nobody really talks about the debilitating power of thinking negatively. I have thought long and hard about writing some of these blog posts as I do share them with my friends and that is exposing and today’s may just turn out to be the most. Some of you […]

The war; ‘Pre’ vs ‘Post’

Gorging myself on food does not make me at all happy and indeed after pretty much 30 years of doing so I am aware of the outcomes and they are never good. Luckily the need is becoming less as I start to see the results of a healthy diet and exercise, but sometimes the need […]

It’s all about the faith!

I’m going to start today’s musings with a photo of something that made me sad today. I was having a great morning until someone stuffed this through my letter box! I haven’t ordered anything and have indeed thrown it away but had this been a bad day? That would have been all it took… So to […]