It’s all about the faith!


I’m going to start today’s musings with a photo of something that made me sad today. I was having a great morning until someone stuffed this through my letter box! I haven’t ordered anything and have indeed thrown it away but had this been a bad day? That would have been all it took…


So to faith. 

I have come to realise that I need more of this in my life. I am one of those ‘prove it’ people who likes to absolutely know something is as it is or I feel uneasy.

It is the same with food. I have concentrated so much on the psychological factors associated with eating more healthily and hadn’t though about how my body would begin to mould and change.

It always blows my mind that once you swallow food there is more going on – so many little scientific processes that digest and take on required nutrients or ‘unrequired’ nastiness. I love to know about that but I find it very hard to have faith in that. And the moment when realisation hits is when I have been eating so badly that I no longer fit into my trousers or I have been eating well again and I CAN fit into my trousers!!

It blows my mind also that food is necessary and that the type of foods you eat are necessary for different things! You wouldn’t think someone like me, a serial dieter (an expert of just 22 years of dieting clubs), would need telling that – but what these diet clubs don’t teach you is about REAL food! They taught me about food pumped up with artificial sweetener and fats replaced by so many chemicals.

Just last week I went to exercise and usually before I exercise I eat an apple, this time I ate almonds and I was sick and got shaky. How amazing that my body responded SO quickly to what had been put inside it! That is such a revelation for me! (INSERT SHOCKED FACE).

So now I really do eat for energy and that feels good! I eat the right things to sustain me at the correct time!

This time I have made a pact with myself that I will REALLY stop and take time to notice how my body is changing. I can see it in my skin, my hair and my whole body. I sit here amazed that this is working because I just don’t have the faith.





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