The End

           I have decided to stop the blog. 

When I first started writing it was because I needed this secret out of me – no matter who hears it, and for a while that served me.

Now I have come to realise that it’s the people who you reach out to that answer your call for help individually that really matter.

My emotions are often times dramatic and all-consuming and that can’t be easy for friends. However I am trying to meet some need I have in me…. 

How am I so ignorant about life? How are you all so wise? 

A lot has happened over the last few months and I’m beginning to realise that maybe things haven’t been easy in my life. Perhaps the lack of emotion I show is due to feelings of safety and vulnerability.

I don’t have any answers but perhaps I am closer.

I am learning who I can reach out to and who I cannot. I know that ultimately my happiness is down to me…. I get confused about people and find it hard to trust – especially when I don’t see people very often.

Anyway – so this is the end of the online blog – for now. I am going to continue journaling just for me and reaching out to the special people I have in my life who are willing to be there for me (for which I hold a tremendous amount of gratitude). 

Thank you if you have supported me and my writing and helped me to reach this point. 


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