When we go home

Written by me.

When you go home,

You open the door

And the dogs come to greet you

Tails wagging

They can’t believe their luck

That their wonderful human beings are home

All they want in return for their unconditional love is for you to love them back.



After greeting the happy animals,

You wave good bye to the babysitter

As you and your partner pop in

To check on you beautiful little boy

Sound asleep.

The sound of his breath is just the most precious thing

What a lovely family you have grown.



You smile at each other and

Make your way to the kitchen to

Chat about your evening.

A lovely evening

Catching up with friends

You dissect the ‘he saids’ and ‘she saids’

Until you have filled each other in

On the important news of the night



You make your way to the living room

Where you sit

Entangled together

Just to relax and

Spend quality time together

You apologise to each other

For being snappy at each other earlier in the day

And once again your heart

is filled with love.

You chat and laugh

About how silly you both were

And give each other a hug

The dogs lay across you

And you feel a sense of ‘full’

Fullness of the heart,

Nothing else need fill you.



You go to bed….just when you are tired

You walk into the bedroom and

Chat through the transition

The dogs spinning round your legs.

Your boy coughs into the baby monitor and you check one last time

All is ok.



You get into bed

Making sure to get in on YOUR side

It’s nice to be in the presence of another

You exist, you are whole. You sleep.



When I go home,

I open the door…

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