Don’t go for second best baby, put your love to the test…

  This week, my theme has sort of been self love and as the title lovingly stolen from Madonna suggests, sometimes you have to test that. It is not always easy. At some moments this week I have managed it and some I have not. One of the tests is that I have changed – […]

It’s time to look after you…

So it’s near the end of January – at the beginning of January I started a package that my personal trainer put together for me which basically consists of following a really hearty meal plan for the month of January and some exercises…. I remember jogging with her at the beginning of Jan and saying […]

Eating’s cheating! … WHAT?

So… I did my second ever Park Run today. I have promised myself that I will run 5K on as many Saturdays as I can and it has been going well. I have to keep in my head that my only competition is me as the people I run with are still so much faster […]

I got 99 problems but the binge ain’t one…or so I thought!

Today did not go well… there was no rhyme or reason for that… I have had the best week of my life – so I needed sabotage… Let’s start with Saturday. Saturday: I had worked so hard and it culminated in me being able to complete my first 5K – The Colour Run… and it […]

Gratitude Shmatitude

So a friend and I have just done an aqua aerobics session. It took an hour and was VERY funny! I have eaten ‘clean’ and done loads of exercise this week and I really am doing the Summer Holidays differently. I have signed up for the Colour Run in September with a candid team of […]

It’s a crazy logic

Today I want to talk about self-sabotage. It’s the one thing that drives me INSANE! So….I eat healthily….everything is going well. The food I am eating is delicious and plentiful and feeding my body and my soul – I feel on top of the world. Great! I feel like I can keep this up until […]

Live life without permission…

  This is something I have been working so hard on…. I always seek control on my life in some kind of extrinsic manor and I think that the need to eat probably stems from some need to bring back the power and the control. I have it built intrinsically that others opinions are more […]

Weekends are hard – Days 25 and 26: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge

Feeling a little low today. I knew the brick wall would hit when I said I was feeling so good. Several things have put me in that mood – I left my classroom in a mess yesterday and can’t deal with that until Monday. It wont feel as though it is a fresh new week […]

Today I am ‘full’ – Days 23 & 24: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge.

Right now is the time I need to be careful – Don’t get me wrong – I feel AMAZING – almost euphoric about life and how everything is going – but I know I still have to make sure things stay in place for when I don’t feel so good – after all, everybody has […]