Gratitude Shmatitude

So a friend and I have just done an aqua aerobics session. It took an hour and was VERY funny! I have eaten ‘clean’ and done loads of exercise this week and I really am doing the Summer Holidays differently. I have signed up for the Colour Run in September with a candid team of […]

Personal Space…

I felt exposed today.  I have been back on the takeaway wagon this past week and excusing it. My birth’day’ turned into a weekend turned into a week and now I feel as though I have put on some weight. I haven’t done enough exercise and I think I have been taking for granted the […]

It’s a crazy logic

Today I want to talk about self-sabotage. It’s the one thing that drives me INSANE! So….I eat healthily….everything is going well. The food I am eating is delicious and plentiful and feeding my body and my soul – I feel on top of the world. Great! I feel like I can keep this up until […]