Today I woke up…. 

I’ve been in a dark place over the last couple of weeks… my head has anyway… I could feel it brewing for a while…  I have been having therapy and it’s stirring up the muddy puddle…. I’m feeling things that would otherwise be lying dormant deep within my sub-conscious and all this emotional baggage is […]

Let’s talk about addiction…

The Oxford English Dictionary defines addiction as: “The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.” I am addicted to food. I don’t want to be but I am. I know it because I use it instead of ‘feeling’. Somewhere along the line I learnt not to feel. I am not just […]

Today I chose crisps…

Today I had a lovely day planned, Today was I was supposed to be with people, But today I chose crisps and enforced loneliness perfectly aware of what was to come. I’m cross with myself and it feels heavy and dramatic. Today was the Brighton Marathon – Inspirational, positive people running for inspirational selfless causes. […]

Binge Free Challenge Day 3

WHAT DO YOU DEFINE AS A BINGE? I define a binge as: Eating when I’m not really hungry Eating when I’m overwhelmed Feeling the version of Charlotte that loves to stuff food in rear her head seemingly having no control over her.  Eating a lot of food in a designated time period – I will […]

Tell your story…

Over the last week I have really drawn on the reserves of friends and they have been truly supportive. Whether that be a text or message on FB to dinner or chats. I have some amazing support around me. I have people around me who make me WANT to work hard to be the person […]