So….this just happened: I feel so much like I am out of control at the moment and I feel like it’s not a choice and that I can’t help it. This was NOT a treat that I am allowed every once in a while – this was a deliberate effort on my part to sabotage […]

It’s time to look after you…

So it’s near the end of January – at the beginning of January I started a package that my personal trainer put together for me which basically consists of following a really hearty meal plan for the month of January and some exercises…. I remember jogging with her at the beginning of Jan and saying […]

Change change change…

This has been on my mind a lot over the past few weeks. Change is hard work and almost never follows a smooth, uninterrupted path… I have been finding this particularly hard of late for a variety of reasons. Uni – We have been studying Human Growth at Uni as part of my MA – […]

I got 99 problems but the binge ain’t one…or so I thought!

Today did not go well… there was no rhyme or reason for that… I have had the best week of my life – so I needed sabotage… Let’s start with Saturday. Saturday: I had worked so hard and it culminated in me being able to complete my first 5K – The Colour Run… and it […]

The war; ‘Pre’ vs ‘Post’

Gorging myself on food does not make me at all happy and indeed after pretty much 30 years of doing so I am aware of the outcomes and they are never good. Luckily the need is becoming less as I start to see the results of a healthy diet and exercise, but sometimes the need […]

The Elephant in the Room

Whoa! OK – this is an exposing one. I want children. There I said it – Kind of out loud. I don’t feel ready or anywhere near old enough but my body clock is ticking. My body is a well maintained and guarded armour so the thought of letting someone close terrifies me. BUT I […]