The war; ‘Pre’ vs ‘Post’

Gorging myself on food does not make me at all happy and indeed after pretty much 30 years of doing so I am aware of the outcomes and they are never good. Luckily the need is becoming less as I start to see the results of a healthy diet and exercise, but sometimes the need […]

It’s all about the faith!

I’m going to start today’s musings with a photo of something that made me sad today. I was having a great morning until someone stuffed this through my letter box! I haven’t ordered anything and have indeed thrown it away but had this been a bad day? That would have been all it took… So to […]

Gratitude Shmatitude

So a friend and I have just done an aqua aerobics session. It took an hour and was VERY funny! I have eaten ‘clean’ and done loads of exercise this week and I really am doing the Summer Holidays differently. I have signed up for the Colour Run in September with a candid team of […]

Personal Space…

I felt exposed today.  I have been back on the takeaway wagon this past week and excusing it. My birth’day’ turned into a weekend turned into a week and now I feel as though I have put on some weight. I haven’t done enough exercise and I think I have been taking for granted the […]

It’s a crazy logic

Today I want to talk about self-sabotage. It’s the one thing that drives me INSANE! So….I eat healthily….everything is going well. The food I am eating is delicious and plentiful and feeding my body and my soul – I feel on top of the world. Great! I feel like I can keep this up until […]

Charlotte in the middle

One of the biggest things I have struggled with as I have been actively trying to lose weight is correcting my thinking. I always used to think of myself as some kind of failed perfectionist. I had a need in me for everything to be perfect. You would never know though because as soon as […]

fat Fat FAT FAT! (shh! naughty word)

So….in order to get me 3 1/2 stone lighter I have been following the Slimming World program. Basically there are foods that are completely unlimited such as pasta, eggs, all lean meat, rice and grains etc….. Basically the premise is that it is designed to be a very low fat, low sugar diet. This has […]

Posting but not posting…

  The temptation when I feel like I do today is to hide from the world and not document my thoughts because they tend to be quite dark but I can’t help but feel them and I can’t help but feel alone – If I don’t tell anyone how I feel how can I expect […]

Weekends are hard – Days 25 and 26: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge

Feeling a little low today. I knew the brick wall would hit when I said I was feeling so good. Several things have put me in that mood – I left my classroom in a mess yesterday and can’t deal with that until Monday. It wont feel as though it is a fresh new week […]