Weekends are hard – Days 25 and 26: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge

Feeling a little low today. I knew the brick wall would hit when I said I was feeling so good. Several things have put me in that mood – I left my classroom in a mess yesterday and can’t deal with that until Monday. It wont feel as though it is a fresh new week […]

Today I am ‘full’ – Days 23 & 24: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge.

Right now is the time I need to be careful – Don’t get me wrong – I feel AMAZING – almost euphoric about life and how everything is going – but I know I still have to make sure things stay in place for when I don’t feel so good – after all, everybody has […]

Day 11: 50 Day Binge-Free Challenge

Last night was really hard – I was watching TV in the kitchen surrounded by chocolate bars and cakes but I ate a few Cashew Nuts and that was it! BOOM! Anyway – Onto day 11: What is the hardest thing you’ve had to do? It can be fitness, social, mental, etc. The hardest thing I’ve […]